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Bairi Piya Story

It narrates the story of a child bride, Anandi who is married off at the tender age of eight to an equally young Jagdish and how she adjusts to a snatched childhood and a confusing world of grown-ups and relationships.

Bairi Piya Story

Bairi Piya indian tv series Produced by Balaji Telefilms, Bairi Piya is a comment on how the poor and the needy are exploited by rich money lenders and how hundreds of poverty stricken girls fall prey to manipulative men seeing no respite in sight. Moving away from its usual style, Balaji Telefilms is now producing a show that tells the story of a section of our society that is facing serious issues due to economic and financial conditions. It delves deep into the harsh realities of rural India where farmers commit suicide as they find it impossible to pay off their loans and how it is the womenfolk of the household who end up being the unworthy victims.

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