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Submarine Titans Download PC Game Extra Quality

There are twenty-three pre-defined skirmish maps on the gold master, including ten multiplayer. You can adjust the default settings for starting team resource levels, the entry and ceiling technology tree levels, unit limit, AI opponent and team settings, and the initial object set (three faction-specific presets ranging from a single construction unit to up to eight submarines). Alternatively, you can generate a random map in much the same way as you would in Age of Empires. This approach allows you to customise some additional settings, including map size, resource abundance, mountain density, and terrain type (arctic, mediterranean, tropical, or toxic). Three game types are catered for; Kill All, Kill All without materials, and The Flagship Hunt.

Submarine titans Download PC Game

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There are six resources used in the game and, in time-honoured RTS fashion, each is mined and harvested. Typically, this revolves around the positioning of an extractor facility over a resource deposit. Cargo subs are then used to transport the material to a silo structure. The human factions use four resources; metal to build units and structures; corium (an immensely powerful resource found in comet fragments) to power units, structures and weapons; gold to fund research; and oxygen for the underwater colony life-support systems. The allocation of oxygen can be prioritised across building, the submarines themselves, research, repair, and weapons energy. The Silicons use just three resources; silicon to build units and structures; corium to arm weapons; and energy to regenerate. In a similar way to Age of Kings, you can buy and trade gold, corium and metal using a trade centre or market structure. The extraction and trading of these resources is fundamental to the game. The trick is to balance your base development with military expansion. This is best achieved by building sufficient structures to support your submarine squadrons and by keeping on top of technology developments.

The game features no less than 38 submarines. These perform a wide variety of tasks including construction, transport, repair, reconnaissance, minelaying, sabotage, and shield generation. Whilst not as apparent as in Shogun or Dark Reign 2, a scissors/paper/rock concept is present. Units such as the White Shark Psychotron are able to disorientate enemy submarines and force them to turn on their own comrades. The Silicon Paralysis Probe can disable enemy units for a limited time and the Usurper can capture submarines and structures (this can be useful if an opponent has developed a particularly powerful object, though once the units ammunition has been exhausted, it is of little subsequent use). Not at all in keeping with their ecological ideology and certainly not politically correct is the Black Octopi's Cyberdolphin. This unit is a specially bred hybrid creature that can carry a powerful charge that can destroy or seriously damage enemy submarines. But fear not animal lovers, Cyberdolphins are almost invulnerable thanks to their great speed and manoeuvrability. Other interesting units include Vermin, Bio-Acid Assaulters, and the stealth focused Phantom. In general terms, the White Sharks rely on numbers over technology whereas the Black Octopi favour technological development. The Silcons are the most balanced of the three factions and tend to have the most elaborate units and structures.

Although set in the classic 2D isometric perspective, the game utilises 5 depth levels along a z-axis to create a 3D environment. This concept opens up a number of interesting gameplay strategies. To destroy a unit or structure you have to fire from a nearby depth level. This means that you can protect your bases and outposts by hiding them in the many caverns and crevices, or lay in wait to ambush your unsuspecting opponent. Or, by moving to the highest level, you can avoid base defences before swooping down and causing havoc. A level indicator is provided as a visual aid and moving from one level to another is as simple as a single mouse click. In practice though, this is often clumsy with submarines undertaking pogo-style manoeuvres in a frantic attempt to target their opponent. As a result, I haven't used the feature as often as I'd have expected to and I would question how significant it is the overall game strategy. The furious pace of gameplay often makes it difficult to even be conscious of what depth level you are actually operating at.

The game features multiple innovations to the genre. Firstly, there are five different heights upon which submarines can move, adding a vertical dimension to the gameplay while using a 2D engine. Structures are built on the bottom of these levels, either on the very floor of the sea or on large stone plates. For the human factions, structures are spawned by construction submarines and are then gradually formed independently from those units, while the Silicon use capsules which transform themselves into any structure.

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I was going to upload here some replacement file, but my CD version has no dd3drm.dll file! I'll send the game executable, who knows? But the game links d3drm.dll, maybe you could find a replacement version. Please, don't throw away the originals files!Here: some other DxWnd user that had troubles with this game. Unfortunately, they don't seem like yours, but you never know ...Then, some unofficial patch: A thread from site, just to recall that when they talk about DxWnd most likely they talk about their own DxWnd version, I don't know, maybe it behaves better than mine?

EDIT: Forgot to mention about the GoG thread. I had already found that one too, it's what initially gave me hope that submarine titans in a window was possible! Sadly, compatibility mode don't seem to do anything, I had also tried compatibility mode for Win7 since some places suggested that too.

1) configure the game for full log. Please use the attached configuration (update only the game path, for the moment leave all the rest like window size and position untouched) and add log settings as in the picture (the log setting is NOT saved in the export files, so yu'll have to check the flag manually). Then run the game, collect and send the more verbose dxwnd.log.2) try configuring the game for lighter resources. As far as we know, the problem could even come from sound interface, so better set all features (including sound) to the bare possible minimum3) the game folder holds some more game log files, like MisLoad.log and sdkdebug.log. Please collect any file with .log extension or recent creation date and post here.4) if you have a good bandwidth it would be interesting to download the CD version of the game, install it in a separate folder and compare the behavior. I has no problems of this sort with my CD release.

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