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The organisers were a pleasure to deal with and did a great job sending out press releases to publicise my little film's involvement - my local paper even ran a story. Due to travel restrictions I was unable to attend in person so I can't comment on physical event itself. Overall, I felt it was a modest but great value festival with a uniquely positive theme.


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Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed seeing the sunshine again. We spent lots of time outside and found a couple of new walks, although one did become extra-long as I got us a little lost. Oops!

How are you all this week? I must be very honest and say I have found this week very challenging. I am really missing my family and friends, especially my mum who I just want to give a huge hug to. I have spoken to her every day over the telephone or on FaceTime and this has helped. I think it is ok to feel a little down some days, staying home and away from our family and friends is a very difficult thing we are being asked to do. Remember to speak to someone if you are feeling sad or lonely, it really does help.

Well done also for keeping up with your learning. Everything is so different and it has taken all of us time to adjust to a new way of learning. Keep going and trying to do a little every weekday, your teachers are giving you lots of tasks and we are keeping track of your work on ReadingWise, ActiveLearn and Sumdog. We love to keep in touch so remember to keep emailing or posting on your blog to share what you are doing at home.

We all love PE so I thought it was time we set a fitness challenge. I have a little circuit I want you to set up and try. When you complete it you should post on your Blog how you got on. Then you need to make up a circuit and email it to me. I will then post each of your circuits on the main Blog for everyone, including me, to try.

Mrs Govans posted the wish jar idea on Thursday so we decided to start one in our house using an empty Nutella jar (we have far too many of these). The first thing the girls put into the jar was a sleepover with gran and papa. I put a little wish in for a big walk around Dumfries House and a HUGE scone at the coffee shop. 041b061a72

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