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2017 Fitbit Smartwatch Release Date, Features So Far

That's a very interesting question. It looks like the "killer app" for smartwatches is going to be health and fitness. When you think about it they really are just accessories if the health and fitness component is missing. I think the days of dedicated fitness trackers are numbered. The AW is now a fitness device/smartwatch. I think some people are disappointed because the ionic isn't an AW clone. Fitbit can't out apple apple and shouldn't try. People really like responding to text via their watches. I'm not one of those people; I don't text anyone not even my wife. I realize I don't represent the market and I'm somewhat of an outlier. If fitbit had included a microphone on the ionic I think the number of complaints about the "smartwatch" features would be lower. Fitbit had to know that and their exclusion of a microphone was not a good business decision. I don't care about responding to text, but most customers do. You have to give the market what they want. I don't know if there was some kind of technical reason that a microphone would not have been feasible for the ionic, but they should be more transparent. I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Ionic 2 will have a speaker and microphone. I think the whole LTE calling from your wrist is simply not feasible with today's technology, but again I don't represent the market. The Ionic will be perfect for me, and I understand that different people have different needs, so it won't be for everyone. I have a programming background and have already started on a few apps using a friends watch. I predict a $250 Black Friday sale and I'll pick one up then. I think they'll have most of the software issues sorted by then.

2017 Fitbit Smartwatch release date, features so far

The open SDK puts the Ionic in the smartwatch category in that end users can modify, add, and create apps. If fitbit adds the ability to interact with messages, that and the open, programmable nature of the watch will silence most naysayers, including myself.

Your defining smartwatch too much from an academic perspective. A good analogy for this is comparing a blackberry phone to an iphone 8. They are both technically smartphones. You are not looking at it as a consumer. In 2017, A smartwatch by its lowest standard should be able to do many basic tasks that a smartphone from 2017 should be able to. ex. Text replies, calendar, reminders, other music providers, apps, etc. Its not about copying an apple watch its about realizing the market you are in.

The problem is that by going with a proprietary operating system, there are hardly any apps for it, especially if (like me) you live in a country that's not on Fitbit's radar (so apps like Starbucks and Pay are useless). Right now it doesn't offer me much more funtionality than the Surge HR. I'm sure this will get better with successive firmware releases and the availability of more apps from Fitbit and third parties, but how long do we have to wait for this? It's not like there's a big developer community, like for Android Wear. I really hope the Ionic will be a great smartwatch. Right now it's a very expensive fitness band.

The Fitbit recall affects that Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, which was first released in 2017. Fitbit says you can contact their customer service team for instructions on how to return your Ionic Smartwatch to Fitbit for a refund.

Between 2016 and 2017, Fitbit released two devices that straddled the line between smartwatch and fitness tracker: the Blaze and Ionic. While both packed every sensor necessary to track your daily fitness needs, each one was just as clunky and unattractive as the one before it. These just weren't wrist-worn accessories anyone really wanted to wear on a daily basis.

About 1 million of the recalled smartwatches were sold in the U.S. at retailers including Best Buy, Kohl's and Target, as well as online at and from September 2017 through December 2021 for between $200 and $330 each. Fitbit discontinued production of Ionic in 2020. Another 693,000 were sold internationally, according to the company.

Fitbit announced its new 299 Sense "health smartwatch" this week, complete with ECG heart monitoring, skin temperature sensing and, most headline-worthy, a stress tracking electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. On first impressions, the Sense, which is on pre-order for a September 25 release date, looks like a worthy Apple Watch rival with a full suite of metrics, particularly if you're prepared to pay for a Fitbit Premium subscription.

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